Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Terms and Conditions for using this site?

- Your site(s) does not contain any spam or malicious content
- Your site(s) does not contain inappropriate content
- Your site(s) does not break out of frames
- Your account will be deleted if not used for 90 days
- Your account will be deleted if we can not send you emails
- Your account can be disabled if it causes system any problems
- You are not allowed to have more than one (1) account

What type of wesbites are allowed to use this service?>

- Business websites
- Personal websites
- Network Marketing websites
- Affiliate websites
- Clickbank websites
- Nearly any website is accepted as long as it does not break terms listed above.

How do I allocate visitor credits amongst my websites ?

- To add credits to your site:
Click on your name in the control panel. You will be taken to a new page where you can add the credits to the url of your choice. Press the submit button.

- You can take away assigned credits from a url by doing the following. This will move them over to the available credits allocation.
1. Login to the control panel.
2. Click on your name.
3. Enter a negative amount of credits in the box next to the url you want to remove credits from ie. -100000
4. On the main menu the credits will now show up as “account credits”
5. Credits can be added to the url of choice by clicking your name to go back to the credits page.

What is the policy on SPAM ?

- Million Hits Club absolutely prohibits members from using SPAM in their marketing efforts, and are subject to immediate termination. If you have found the website due to SPAM, we want to know! Please contact our support team.

How do I contact for support ?

- Please read the FAQ before contacting support. Many of your questions can be answered at the FAQ section. Contact support at and REMEMBER to include your User ID. We usually answer your questions within 24 hours.

How do I change my account information ?

- Login to your Member Area and click on your "Name". There you can change name, password, share email status, browser and category setup change, and distribute credits(hits) to your sites.

How do I change my email ?

- Login to your Member Area and click on your "Email". There you can change the email address and we will send you a change code to verify your new email address. Your new email address will not be changed until you verify with this change code.

What is the Status for my sites ?

- Disabled : your site is disabled and you must ask for the approval of any changes you have made. This does not mean you cannot promote this site but you do need to have it approved.
- Enabled : your site is approved and is part of the site rotation
- Waiting : your site is waiting for approval by the support team

I signed up, however no credits were used, what happen ?

- The site must get approval by the support team and when there is no problem with the terms and conditions, our support team will approve the site and notify you by email. Also make sure you check the state of your sites in the members area, site must be "enabled" to get visitors to your>

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